Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Live band karaoke at Wonderland on Tuedays!

I'd heard a rumor about this, but didn't know it was actually going down: on Tuesday nights there's karaoke at Wonderland, and you get to backed by a live band! Sounds awesome. I'm going to try to check it out tonight. The flyer is pretty amusing as well, note the harakiri:


Tim said...

This would be absolutely fantastic if it is true! It's such a clever event, as everyone I know would love to sing with a band! It takes Karaoke Music to the next step. I've recently bought some fantastic kit from Sing To The World and I've really been bitten by the karaoke bug!

ScorpioDJs said...

Now that's impressive! Can't wait to check it out!

Katie Campbell said...

Yes, yes! You can read all about it on this fabulous new blog that explores all of the DC area's best kept secrets, Where the Beltway Ends.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes. It's true. And it's a blast! You don't want to miss it. The place is getting packed. It actually starts now at 9:00 and goes til midnight.

Okay, I'm the drummer...one of your pals hipped me to your site. Thanks! And come say "hi."

Here we are www.harikaraokeband.com