Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily 14th Street construction updates now posted to the CH listserve

If you're interested in seeing what's happening with the Columbia Heights Streetscape Plan (aka the 14th Street construction), check out the Columbia Heights Yahoo listserve, where DDOT is posting daily updates. You can also subscribe to the group and get daily emails.

For example, here's today's:
· Crews will continue to excavate the Southwest corner of the 14th and Irving St intersection. Excavation will extend South of Irving on the southbound lane of 14th Street (approximately 200 yards south of Irving). Crew will continue to lay concrete in this section of 14th Street.

· Pavement restoration work continues at the northwest corner of 14th and Columbia Rd.

· Crews will continue road reconstruction on southbound 14th Street from Irving Street extending north of the DCUSA main entrance.

· Pepco utility crews will continue work at Southeast corner of the 14th and Park Road intersection and on 14th Street just south of Kenyon Street.

· Decorative paver bands will be installed at the Columbia Heights Metro plaza at the southwest corner of 14th and Irving.

· Installation of solar trees will continue at the Metro plaza on the southwest corner of 14th and Irving.

· Roadway excavation and reconstruction will continue on the northbound lane of 14th Street (where DDOT crews left off between Park and Monroe). This excavation and reconstruction will stop just south of the 14th Street / Monroe Street intersection.

· The excavation work on Monroe (east of 14th Street) is not yet scheduled at this time as previously reported. Further information will be forthcoming as that work is eventually scheduled.


Anonymous said...

can anyone please tell me the date it will all be finished?

Anonymous said...

September 2010.

Anonymous said...

Read: December 2015

This project has been a mess from the start. Very poorly managed.

The paving job alone reminds me of painting the Golden Gate Bridge... as soon as you are done painting you have to start all over again.

Anonymous said...

Actually end of major construction will be completed by June 30th as long as the weather continues to cooperate.

John said...

Does anyone know where I can find designs or a description of what it will be like when it's finished? The intersection of Park and 14th makes me think that park Rd will be turned into a one way street.

Does anyone know the traffic pattern of the finished product?

Anonymous said...

I know that it will probably look great when it's done but it's been such a pain in the ass so far. And so hideously loud. I can feel my blood pressure rising when I walk through that area.

Anonymous said...

LOL- true. I even called the Dept. of Transportation to ask them to ask the traffic officers to stop blowing on their whistles incessantly. Every breath they were blowing in their whistles, which only made it worse. I think they got the message (I of course left a VM) when the person on the other end probably had a hard time listening to me over the whistles in the back ground.

When directing traffic WITH the lights, they don't need to blow their whistles like that. That whole area is noise pollution ground zero.