Friday, May 14, 2010

There's a Meridian Hill neighborhood?

There's a neighborhood called Meridian Hill? Via the City Paper's Housing Complex blog, I found this article on DCMud, a real estate blog, about a new affordable condo building at 14th and Chapin. It sounds like a nice project, and is replacing a vacant lot (seen here).

However, here's the part that caught my eye: "The project joins two other planned developments, Nehemiah Center and 14 W (the latter two sitting idle, for now), in the Meridian Hill neighborhood, equidistant from the Columbia Heights and U Street Metro stations."

The Meridian Hill neighborhood? That's the first I've heard of this. It sort of makes sense, as Columbia Heights is a big area, but then again, that's also just as easily called south Columbia Heights. For example, the South Columbia Heights Neighborhood Association meets a block to the west on 15th Street, across the street from Meridian Hill Park. There is a Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association, though I don't really hear about them much. Plus Columbia Heights was named for Columbian College, which was located on Meridian Hill.

What do you think? Part of Columbia Heights, or its own thing? Do people who live in that area say they live in Meridian Hill? A commenter on a related Greater Greater Washignton post says they do, but I've never heard it.


Celia said...

I would say that I lived across the street from Meridian Hill Park, but identified the neighborhood as Columbia Heights.

dippenz said...

it's really malcolm x neighborhood to the residents in the area

DC_Chica said...

I tend to think of the neighborhoods Columbia Heights and U St as bordering each other somewhere around the middle of the park. I have no idea if that's accurate. I do sometimes hear the area north of the park referred to as Mt Pleasant, but I don't think that's correct b/c I think Mt Pleasant is bounded by 16th St to the east.

Alex said...

Meridian Hill is a name made up by real estate agents who think Columbia Heights sounds "too edgy." These are the same people who used to call Logan Circle "Dupont East," before Logan got all dollhoused.

DC Chica, the area north of the park but east of 16th is definitely Columbia Heights, not Mt. Pleasant.

Anonymous said...

It's actually Cardoza (Lower Cardoza to be precise). It borders Pleasant Plains to the East, Shaw to the South, Columbia Heights to the North, and Mt. Pleasant to the West.

But since their seems to be an ongoing debate about what is Columbia heights, let's just call it Washington County like it was before the City expanded.

Andrew said...

Anon, where've you heard or seen Cardoza? I've seen the name a few times, but never any boundaries.

Anonymous said...,%20DC-neighborhood-details.html

It's also on just about every other building in the area including Cardozo High School which is right on Clifton Street and 13th Street.

If you look sometimes it is written as Cardozo and sometimes it is written as Cardoza. And sometimes it is broken up into Lower and Upper to signify placement on the Hill.

There are some people that smash it together with Shaw.

IMGoph said...

can't this be something like shaw and capitol hill—massive neighborhoods with sub-neighborhoods inside of them?

most of the truxton circle, u street, and logan circle neighborhoods are part of what's defined as shaw.

lots of people define capitol hill as a huge, sprawling neighborhood that includes lincoln park, stanton park, eastern market, barracks row, and hill east as sub-neighborhoods.

meridian hill could just be considered a sub-neighborhood of columbia heights...

Andrew said...

Yeah, that makes sense. Same with Lanier Heights for example in Adams Morgan