Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sherman Ave streetscape project underway

A couple of days ago, councilman Jim Graham unveiled the Sherman Avenue streetscape plan, which will include "narrower streets, wider sidewalks, a landscaped median, and lots of trees and shrubs," plus shared bike lanes. The idea is to slow down traffic on the street while also making it look nicer.

As Graham put it, "Our meeting will send a clear message that we’re not going to have Sherman Avenue be a turnpike any longer. We want Sherman Avenue to be for residents, not speeding motorists."

Sounds good to me. Sherman is kind of dilapidated.

Here's the progress from DDOT's website. Construction is slated to begin in July.

Photo by me. The only picture I have of anything on Sherman.


kleinschmidt said...

I love Fairmont Liquor. One block from my apartment and the best price I've ever seen for a six-pack of 60-minute IPA.

Andrew said...

Noted!! I think another trip there is in order.