Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The ANSWER posters are back

Ah, crap. I've written about these guys before -- they put up signs all over the place, then leave them for months after their event happens. Let's hope they actually take them down this time.

Spotted this one on 14th at the Civic Plaza.


Totten Life said...

They've gotten all the way up here to Ft. Totten also. It was a nice touch having them plastered on transformer boxes with their posters from last year's rally on the opposing side still.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of tools. They're also up in Chevy Chase DC. Which makes sense... that's probably where most of the ANSWER types come from, and Columbia Heights is probably where many of them move to when they begin their trustafarian lifestyles.

Anti-Answer said...

I noticed people are tearing some of them down... I might go out and rip a few down this weekend myself. Who wants to join me?

The fact that they wheatpaste them up, which is already illegal, means they're intended to stay up for ever.

Anonymous said...