Friday, December 18, 2009

What to do in a big Columbia Heights snowstorm

Hopefully you don't need to go to Giant, CVS or Target anytime soon, since there's supposedly a big snowstorm coming and people tend to mob them, worried they'll be snowed in their house or something. I decided to come up with some things to do if it does in fact snow a lot.

For one, there's always sledding. Last time there was some snow, I wrote about places around the neighborhood to go sledding -- take a look. And if you have any other suggestions, post them here!

I think sitting in a warm bar would be pretty fun too -- maybe after the sledding. Wonderland seems like it'd be cozy, as does Room 11 and CommonWealth.

And you could conceivably go shopping -- the stores might not be crowded.

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Z said...

If the huge storm does come, dad and I will probably bundle up and take a walk. We're toying with the idea of seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox again, and then going to RedRocks for a bite to eat. We're just excited for the potential of the first major snow since I moved in with him - we'll see if it comes or not.