Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Street Booze: Sutter Home at 13th and Girard

Here's the latest installment of Street Booze, where I document the various bottles of booze found tossed around the neighborhood.

This find was a big bottle of Sutter Home wine at 13th and Girard -- getting classy! Factoid for you, White Zinfandel was created at Sutter Home. There's also an empty Capri-Sun near the bottle, perhaps in case the wine's aftertaste is too much.

(And yes, I threw them away).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking them up. That's one of my "hobbies"; picking up trash from the street and throwing it away in proper receptacles. Now that the grocery bag 5 cent tax is going into effect, perhaps someday we'll have a bottle return deposit like the northeastern states do.