Monday, November 16, 2009

In case you missed it, Chipotle opens Dec. 10!

I wrote about it on Saturday, but in case you missed it, Chipotle is opening on or about Dec. 10.

I snapped this sign this weekend, which says "we will be opening for business on or about Dec. 10" and they're hiring (come by M-F 9am to 5pm), and I also snapped a couple shots of the outside and interior.


jimmy dean said...


Anonymous said...

I'm usually a lot more diplomatic but screw Chipotle. You want a burrito? Go down the street to Taqueria Distrito Federale and support a local business that makes *awesome* food.

Screw this place. They bulldozed like a half mile of retail to build empty condos, that hideous mall that's 2/3s empty with an entirely empty parking structure, and a line of useless crap retail. Like a friggin' Starbucks. Seriously? A Starbucks?

Oh and let's not forget our bizarre need for five different bank branches within one block.

All due respect to your taste buds and their desire for a fat burrito (an entirely reasonable and commendable desire) but the net effect of all this is a giant poo.

Go there. You'll be ecstatic. Seriously. The guy who owns it also has the most adorable children ever. They were asking about my piercings so I part-way convinced them I'm a pirate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is exactly correct. PS: holla @ Pollo Sabraso.

Ross said...

"Boo!" to new things! I'll be standing outside with a pitchfork and torch. I long for those good ol' days of handlebar mustaches and bicycles with one giant wheel! Change bad!

Now...where to get that pitchfork? Ooooohhh! Target!

Anonymous said...

Sign now says December 11