Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday is going to be crazy at DCUSA

I have a feeling that DCUSA is going to be completely bananas on Black Friday: I've seen ads on tv today for sales at both Best Buy and Target starting at 5 am, and a poster on Twitter just told me that they're setting up port-a-johns outside. I'm out of town for the holiday, but if you take any pictures or have any tales, please let me know in the comments.

Hopefully everybody has a good time and the city makes lots of dough from tax revenues!

Update: I also saw commercials for Radio Shack of all places too, with sales starting at 5:30 am.


Alex said...

Craziness. What's wrong with people??

Z said...

At 6:45, there were a few people in line at DCUSA already. At 10, the line was a little longer... And it had just started to pour. There are porta-johns around the side.

We shall see how this goes.

I intend to go sometime in the afternoon just to see what the fuss is about.

Jamie said...

All I can say is, I hope those people who waited in line in the rain got some awesome bargains. Or something.

Because I just got back from DCUSA (went around 12:30 or so) and it was totally fine. Not even a line at Marshall's, and there was still plenty of crap to buy everywhere.

Of course I have no idea what the hot christmas gift that everyone MUST HAVE this year is but I am sure that was long sold out.