Monday, November 9, 2009

"I am art" stickers around the neighborhood

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Lately I've noticed a lot of these stickers around the neighborhood -- it's a guy in goggles with the caption "I AM ART". They're kind of neat, though I'm not art expert so I'm not sure who is depicted -- or if it's a famous person at all.

Anybody able to enlighten me?


DG-rad said...

this is artist BK Adams. he is awesome, and has an "art space" in Anacostia for fotoweek. Definitely come on over and check it out.

2200 Martin Luther King Ave SE.

DG-rad said...

although I don't 100% condone sticker litter.

Anonymous said...

I am art?

You are a litterbug.

You Streeter said...

vandalism isn't neat. it's vandalism.

Emily I. said...

I would rather look at street art than the horrible advertisements we're forced to look at on a daily basis.

But I guess that's okay because someone, somewhere, got a payout for it.

Alex said...

To the "litter" commenters... I see a gated townhouse community in Arlington in your future.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alex on the "litter" commenters. I don't mind it. I like to see what people are throwing up on signs. places around the neighborhood. It adds character. It's like not people throwing trash on the ground. Ideally it's people expressing themselves or putting their stamp on their community.

plus BK Adams is legit.

Vandalism complainers need to go ahead and head to their gated communities where everybody looks alike, every street and house is the same, and individuality and expression is hidden out of sight.

Virginia BK Fan said...

I see kids with these stickers on their backpacks! "I am art" is truly making a positive difference in the minds of our your people. Elevating how they think of themselves. Jesse said "I am Sombody". BK says, "I AM ART". God said "I AM". You gotta see him in the Santa Clause suit with his famous pose! It's off the charts!!