Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cate Blanchett spotted at the Columbia Heights Metro

Whoa! A Twitter user spotted Oscar winner Cate Blanchett at the CH Metro at about 2 pm. Blanchett's in town performing in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Kennedy Center. Pretty wild.

Looks like Columbia Heights is becoming the new cool spot for famous people to go, or something -- for example, Kal Penn the other day plus other famous folks who've been spotted in the neighborhood.

I wonder if she was going to CommonWealth? To be honest I'm surprised when I see famous folks in the hood -- are they getting tacos? Going to CommonWealth? Target? But it's still very cool that they come up.


Anonymous said...

I saw her in Target looking at ottomans.

Hamilton said...

Yeah, I saw her looking at children's toys at Target.

Martin said...
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