Monday, August 17, 2009

Uptowner Cafe: good stuff

Uptowner Cafe
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I checked out the Uptowner Cafe in the Tivoli building this weekend where the Cinnabon/Carvel used to be, and I'm a fan. They have lots of sandwiches which they grill panini-style, coffee and espresso drinks, breakfast (egg sandwiches, bagels, etc) and a pretty wide range of chips and European candy, like Haribo gummi bears and Kinder chocolate (no Kinder eggs though, unfortunately).

I got the Club 14, which is a turkey club sandwich on a baguette and they grilled it. A turkey club is usually a turkey club, but this one was really good - a big heap of hand carved turkey and other good ingredients. They made the sandwich quickly and prices are pretty reasonable too, about $6.50 for my sandwich and with a drink and cookie it was about $10. My friend says the breakfast sandwiches are good and inexpensive too. I'll be back!

The Uptowner is at 3307 14th St NW. Here's their Yelp page. My friend tells me they blew up the first Yelp review to a super huge size and put it on their wall, which is pretty funny. Here's the interior:

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  1. The one in foggy bottom is Bleh. Too expensive for mediocre stuff. Hope the one in col heights is better.


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