Thursday, August 13, 2009

Firearms training on 11th Street

Want to learn to shoot, cuff people, or do CPR? Then get yourself to 11th between Lamont and Park! My buddy sent me this photo of the building that used to be the Black Minority League, where a business called Lucas Security Services is offering some different kinds of training.

Not sure if the firearms training is on site (I would assume not, but who knows with the changing DC gun laws). What do you think, good thing or bad?


  1. Well, I am strongly antigun (and anti antiquated constituational provisions with no relevance for today.. sorry.. could not hold back a rant) so I hate to see this on one hand, on the other hand its good that folks that do want a gun are trained to (not) use them.

  2. I think SPO stands for Special Police Officer. Looks like it's training center for cops and/or rent-a-cops.

    Anon, right on!!!

  3. Down with the 3rd amendment!


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