Monday, August 10, 2009

Civic Plaza almost done

CH Civic Plaza
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I went by the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza on Sunday (the open triangle at 14th, Park and Kenyon) and it looks like it's coming along pretty well. The whole area is paved, the fountain parts are in, and there are holes for where trees are going.

It looks like that radial pattern a lot of plans showed isn't actually coming in, which is odd. That, or they're going to add another layer of pavement, but that doesn't seem like it will happen. Maybe it was just an illustration to show how the area fits together, or something.

According to plans, the plaza is supposed to be finished this summer. Hopefully they won't finish it and then tear it up, like the 14th and Girard Street Park!


  1. Silly Andrew, the radial design is for the 16th version of the plaza - we're only on #12. I'm looking forward to #13, when they tear out the fountain and replace it for a month with a 12 foot tall topiary of Jim Graham walking his dog.

    With all the wasted resources and traffic chaos associated with this plaza, it better have a frickin' waterslide.

  2. While I am not quite as cynical as the previous commenter, I too was willing to bet (I believe I've said this before here or elsewhere) that the fancy original design will not get implemented in the end. I am actually happy as far as the radial design not covering the actual intersection - looked a bit too much to me, but would have loved to see a bit more effort on the sidewalk and fountain part. Oh well, this is still pretty darn sweet (as long as they don't need to rip it open again like what happened at the 14th and Girard Park :) )! Can't wait for the supposedly coming farmers market to land there - I gather it won't happen before next year though.

  3. agree with GforGood. However, a topiary and waterslide would be pretty hilarious.


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