Monday, August 31, 2009

Car fire at 11th and Park

Got this from a reader: there was a car fire at 11th and Park about 3:15 am on Sunday. The reader said it sounded like fireworks and the police and fire departments showed up quickly and put it out. The reader also said there was a car fire at Columbia and Georgia back in June, and I've heard of other ones on Otis Place.

Kind of weird that they seem to happen so often. I wonder if it's gang-related or something, and one of my friends said they thought it might be to get the insurance.


  1. Their frequency is surprising. Too bad will never find out the cause.

  2. Something also happened on 14th and Park around 3:00 (early early Sunday morning) anyone know what?

  3. how the fuck is a car fire gang-related?

  4. Maybe the car was owned by a rival gang member. Who knows? Relax!



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