Friday, April 24, 2009

World Bank protesters coming to the hood this weekend

Love them or hate them, the anti-globalization crowd is coming to the neighborhood this weekend: there's going to be some World Bank/IMF protests and the protesters are based at the St. Stephen's Church at 16th and Monroe.

There's various events around the hood and elsewhere, but this is my favorite: "3-5PM: Nap Time and Vegan Cookies at West End Library 24th and L St NW hosted by SDAC"


  1. Just a head's up: A good chunk of the organizers live in Columbia Heights/Petworth.

    St. Stephen's is actually being used as the space for the People's Economic Forum. Details are up on

    It's the center piece of our events and is looking to be a pretty amazing time.

  2. Love them or hate them?

    Hate them.


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