Thursday, April 2, 2009

Red Derby brunch: Crunchalicious!

By Julia Morelli

I went to the Red Derby on Sunday morning for brunch. They have a pretty good selection of standard quick breakfast foods – French toast sticks, egg sandwiches, biscuits, breakfast burritos. I got the breakfast burrito with bacon and my companion got the egg sandwich on whole grain bread. Both meals came with tater tots – the most crunchy and delicious tater tots in the greater Columbia Heights area (take that, Tonic!). The breakfast burrito was pretty good, but when I ordered bacon with it I didn’t expect the bacon to come INSIDE of it, just next to it. My friend tells me that his egg sandwich was the best ever and it made him want to go to brunch more often. The coffee is self serve, which is good because the actual service is pretty slow.

Also, it still smells like a bar. So if you’re hung over (and why wouldn’t you be?) or prefer well lit brunching experiences, I would suggest eating outside. They have $2 Mimosas and Bloody Marys to go along with their breakfasts as well. I got a Bloody Mary and it was intensely spicy, but pretty good.

Overall I would recommend the Red Derby brunch experience if you are a person who enjoys the Red Derby bar experience. It’s not fancy, but it’s cheap and tasty. I’ll be back next weekend for those French toast sticks.

The Red Derby is located at 3718 14th St NW. Their website is


  1. Patrick is the best bartender EVER!

  2. Patrick is awesome! My friend and I always go for White Russian Wednesday, $4 white russians, not baddd


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