Monday, April 6, 2009

Kenyon-Park triangle under construction

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Looks like those upgrades to the Kenyon St - Park Rd triangle, also called the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza, are underway -- noticed this on Sunday. Eventually the plaza will have a fountain, terraced grass steps, and a radial pattern of pavement. See more about it here. The Columbia Heights Streetscape website has a bit too.

Not sure of the timeline, but I'm checking.


  1. I'm hoping it doesn't look as cheesy and Disney World as the first few renderings make it seem. Hopefully they toned it down a removed the weird flowery "umbrellas." That being said, this is one of the great things about this city. Very few cities take city beautification as seriously as DC does. The streetscape programs might be delayed nuisances, but the results look great and give a better feel to the area. Just look at P St near Dupont- the brick sidewalks look tremendous, as does the lighting. H Steet will look far far better too once their streetscape is complete (esp the Starburst intersection).

    As far as timeline, when it's the govt at any level, it'll always be 6 months to a year longer than they say so I'd expect it to be done by Christmas.

  2. I'm a little confused... are they ripping up/repaving the street as well? or just the triangle and sidewalks?


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