Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't forget: Columbia Heights Day is Saturday!

Moon bounce! Cupcake eating contest! Bands! Petting zoo! Food! People! Food and drink deals all over the neighborhood!

Here's the website and the schedule.

It'll be in the field behind Tubman Elementary School.

The story of the abandoned house at 3004 13th St NW

So I've been looking into 3004 13th Street NW for a long time. You may recognize the house from my blog's banner - it's an abandoned but potentially nice row house, and I wondered what was going on with it - the neighborhood is getting more expensive, so why would somebody be crazy enough to sit on a house like this?

I looked into it a bit about a year ago and discovered it was actually owned by the DC Government! I thought this was pretty dumb, why should the city have this house off the tax rolls, when they could sell it and make money, and then put it back on the tax rolls with some taxpayers living there! I contacted Jim Graham and Vincent Gray's offices and after a bit of sleuthing, they and the city's Office of Property Management told me that the house had been seized by eminent domain for some reason and was about to be sold to a neighbor, and they sent me some documents about that.

But a year later, it's still empty. It turns out the sale didn't go through, so I started looking into it again. My friend in Jim Graham's office put me in touch with Martine Combral from the city's Department of Housing and Community Development, who told me the house will be auctioned off in November. Pretty great news! Combral said that both developers and residents will be able to bid, and that they "will definitely make sure that there is a clear process that is well advertised."

So if you're interested in a fixer upper, stay tuned around November!

Photo of the house by me

Monday, September 29, 2008

Girard Park renovation plans

Councilmember Jim Graham just posted the details of the Girard Park redesign. He says construction will begin in December on the park, located at 14th and Girard, and the Department of Parks and Recreation estimates it will be open in summer 2009.

There will be tables, a raised rubber-sufaced basketball court, a plaza area with chairs and a fountain, as well as restrooms, which Graham says will be "regularly secured and cleaned by DPR and the Green Team."

As for security, "At night, the park will be secured by a fence. The fence features a retractable gating system that will close at night and present a wide open, inviting appearance during the day."

I also got this image from the Councilman's office. Kind of hard to read, but it gives you an idea. I would guess the zig-zags are the retractable gates.

Here's a full version of the plan. Looks pretty neat.

NCH Contest: Win tickets to see Glasvegas on Friday!

This is a little different, but I got the opportunity to give away 2 tickets for Scottish band Glasvegas at the Rock and Roll Hotel this Friday! The band has been getting a lot of press lately, being called "the best Scottish band since Franz Ferdinand" by Nylon, "the most important British breakthrough band of this year" by The Independent, and more.

Locals Soft Complex and DJ William Alberque are opening. The Rock and Roll Hotel is a cool venue in the H Street corridor, and if you haven't been, it's worth checking out.

So here's the contest! Send me an email with why you should get the tickets. I'll pick the best answer (funniest? saddest? we'll see) and that person wins. I'll post the winning entry here, with or without your name - your choice. Just email your entry to newcolumbiaheights@gmail.com. The deadline is Friday at noon, so get on it!

Photo by Flickr user charlottel, used under a Creative Commons license

Friday, September 26, 2008

That police car that was watching Family Guy

A commenter just posted about getting the car number for that car that was watching "Family Guy." If anybody wants to report it, it appears to be car 338. But who knows, maybe they were off duty or something.

Bands in the Neighborhood: Petworth

Despite the name, the band Petworth is partially based in Columbia Heights, partially in Mt. Pleasant, and partially in their namesake neighborhood. The three piece play early punk-inflected indie rock that goes from The Smiths ("Garofalo") to college rock ("Pez Dispenser Head") and everything in between. The second in the Bands in the Neighborhood series, I interviewed bassist and singer Pitt Stains about the band, which also consists of non-aliased Amos (guitar and vocals) and Shane (drums).

The band's name came after a long search of possible names that Pitt called "awful," including Sperm Wail, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Zombie Lurch, Sex and the Country, Barium Smoothie, etc. They used both The Deciders and Hostage Soup pending a better name, and then one day it came to them after practice.

"I think Amos suggested it," said Stains. "Since Shane lives there, Amos' great grandparents lived there, and it's the setting of my disastrous failed romance, we were all like, 'Yesssss!' Plus it's a DC thing, and it just sounds cool."

Pitt himself lives in Columbia Heights, near Columbia and Georgia, "right around the corner from Everlasting Life, which is -- to the best of my knowledge -- the only place to get vegan ice cream smoothies in DC."

The story of the band's formation starts at a wedding.

"Somehow, Amos caught wind that there was a drummer in his midst. He spent the entire wedding weekend tracking down this mystery drummer until he finally met Shane. They played for a bit in this miserable little space behind a dry cleaner on Flower Avenue before Shane asked me if I'd like to join them. Shane and I had been talking about starting a band together since college -- in fact, he's the one who got me started playing bass guitar. We wrote and worked out songs in that mold-infested shack in Takoma Park for several months before landing a show at the Black Cat with The Jet Age and moving our gear to Wheaton for practices."

Pitt says they hope to someday use his basement for practices "in a way that doesn't end with my neighbors waving torches and pitchforks outside my door." They say they're looking for gigs in the neighborhood too. Wonderland folks, are you reading?

As noted, the band takes its influences from a lot of places. Amos cites The Smiths, Bad Brains, Throwing Muses, etc. Shane adds more including The Jam, The Who, and Mission of Burma, and Pitt says 80s West Coast punk and hardcore and DC stuff like Minor Threat and Dismemberment Plan. They play next on Halloween at the Red and the Black on H Street NE, along with The Jones, Curly, and the Rocket.

Petworth doesn't have any albums out yet, but the sound man at the Black Cat recorded their last show, and some of the songs are up on their Myspace. Pitt says they may put more up on their website.

And if they had to name their band for something in Columbia Heights? Amos suggests "That Gravelly Patch in Front of Pollo Campero" and Pitt Stains' idea is simpler: "Gentrification."

Catch Petworth at the Red and the Black on October 31.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charity auction for Street Sense next Thursday

Just got this email, there will be an auction benefiting Street Sense, the newspaper written by homeless people, at the Josephine Butler Parks Center at 2437 15th Street NW. Tickets start at $25.

Sounds like a good event, here's the event's website.

And if you haven't been, the building is pretty impressive, it's an old mansion right off of Meridian Hill Park.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the Columbia Heights farmers market

So I've been promising for awhile to write about the Columbia Heights farmers market. I don't know much about it, and haven't heard back from William Jordan, who presented it at the ANC meeting a few weeks ago, but here's what I do know.

They hope to have it at the triangle at 14th and Park on Saturdays, Sundays, and one day during the week, and will have farmers, youth groups, and the usual other vendors. It will be run by EMG Marketing Group and Change Inc., a local non-profit, but I can't find websites for either. Mr. Jordan, who presented the market at the ANC meeting, said EMG also runs the Adams Morgan and Brookland farmers markets. He said he didn't expect construction or the to-be-built fountain to effect the market.

As for time period, it's up in the air, and Jordan was to come back to the ANC meeting in October, so as far as I can tell it could be awhile - it looks like most local farmers markets run until November or December, so they'd have to move quickly. I'm all in favor of a farmers market, especially since it means fewer trips to Giant, but having it three days a week seems like a lot, especially with the Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and 14th and U Farmers Markets nearby. But that said, I hope this happens and it's a success.

Columbia Heights getting pedestrian upgrades

Looks like the long-awaited Columbia Heights Public Realm plan is about to start up. The plan, which will have construction start within the next two months, will upgrade the triangle after at 14th and Park / Kenyon with wider sidewalks, a fountain, trees and such. The city will also be improving sidewalks on 14th, Park, and Irving.

Sounds good to me. I hope they fix the ridiculous crosswalk pattern at 14th and Kenyon, where sometimes it will be "Don't Walk" in all directions, but there are no cars coming at all. DDOT is also thinking of reducing the wait time for crosswalks, i.e. making the green lights shorter. WTOP has the full story.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Taste of Columbia Heights tomorrow

Just heard about this, the Taste of Columbia Heights fundraiser benefiting Columbia Heights Day is tomorrow.

Basically you go to local restaurants on Tuesday - The Heights, Tonic in Mount Pleasant, the Looking Glass Lounge, Red Rocks - and they will give a portion of the proceeds to the Columbia Heights Day folks, a registered nonprofit. CommonWealth has also made a Columbia Heights Day cocktail, with proceeds of that going to the group.

In addition, the restaurants will be accepting donations, and those people that donate enter into a raffle for gift certificates and shirts.

Don't forget Columbia Heights Day is October 4th! It'll be at the Tubman Elementary School field on 11th between Irving and Kenyon. Here's a map.

Coffee shop coming to 14th and Newton

Coffee shop
Originally uploaded by squidpants
Just noticed this sign at on 14th at Newton.

Sounds like a Latin style coffee and pastry place - the rest of the sign says "variety of bread and pastries from Latin America." There's also a Pan Lourdes in Mt. Rainier, MD, and it could be related to this place.

Not sure when it's going to be open - I'm checking with the owner of the Pan Lourdes website.

Rabbit found at 13th and Kenyon

This was an odd one from the Columbia Heights Yahoo group: somebody posted a found rabbit poster at 13th and Kenyon near Tubman Elementary.

Think it's your rabbit? Think it's somebody making a home version of Watership Down? Email me and I'll pass on your info.

UPDATE: A reader notes that this might not be a pet rabbit, as some rabbits, raccoons, and possums live in a garden between Park and Kenyon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harris Teeter vs Giant

I went to the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan for the first time today, and I was pretty impressed. It's not technically in Columbia Heights, but it probably is the closest grocery store for some CHers (though not me, Giant is still closer).

Basically it's between Whole Foods and Giant on the grocery spectrum - very nice inside, friendly employees, some high end produce and stuff, but still has your normal grocery stuff. For example, they had crazy fruits I'd never heard of before (sapote, cherimoya, pepino melon) but didn't have pasta made with funky grains like quinoa.

They also have locally grown produce, which is cool, and the beer prices and selection were comparable to Giant. The lines were non-existent too, and while Giant is also slower on Saturday afternoons, there's still always a wait there.

In short, I was a fan, and I'm going to go back more often. Anybody else have an opinion on the store?

The Harris Teeter is at 1631 Kalorama Rd NW.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ellwood Thomspon's deal signed?!

A poster named Melissa over at the Columbia Heights News forum says Ellwood Thompson's organic supermarket has signed a deal for a spot at DCUSA!
I just found out from someone connected to DCUSA that Ellwoods has finally signed a lease for their space on Irving Road. No other details other than it could take at least 6-9 months to open. They are building an elevator in their space directly down to the parking garage among other buildout issues.
This would be amazing news! Just rumor so far, I'm following up with the store to see if that's the case.

Here's their website.

UPDATE (2:13 pm): Just got a response from CEO Ryan Youngman: "Getting close my friend....I’ll let you know asap when it pops...."

Rumors about Tivoli changes

Prince of Petworth published some rumors from an "insider" about the retail spots in the Tivoli: that Carvel/Cinnabon is being replaced with a news stand, the new Asian place going into the Mayorga coffee shop will be run by a combination of people from Cafe Asia (the downtown one) and Asian Bistro in Silver Spring. The source also says Rumbero's will be replaced by a "swank lounge."

My take: interesting. I have no problem with Rumbero's leaving, as I had a bad experience there and it seems like a lot of other people did too. And I guess a swank lounge would be ok.

I never went to Carvel/Cinnabon, but some folks seem to like it - and others said it was no good. And as for the Asian spot, apparently Cafe Asia will run the downstairs sushi bar, and the Asian Bistro folks will run the upstairs Asian food part. I like Cafe Asia, but Robyn wrote that the upstairs Korean food that's there now is quite good.

Carvel Cinnabon is at 3307 14th St NW.

(Thanks to commenter GforGood for pointing this out.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Carvel/Cinnabon evicted?

Uh oh. My buddy sent me this picture at about 5:30 pm on Wednesday, showing Carvel's eviction notice. I went by at about 6:15 and it was gone. All their equipment is still in there, so who knows.

Carvel/Cinnabon is located in the Tivoli building at 3307 14th St NW. They recently received the coffee making equipment from the closed Mayorga coffee shop next door, so who knows what's happening with that. And it might just be some sort of dispute between tenant and landlord that they'll work out. Stay tuned for more.

Vote for Columbia Heights vegetarian places

DC vegetarian website VegDC and Compassion Over Killing are having a contest for best vegetarian food in the city, and two Columbia Heights places are nominated - Sticky Fingers Bakery and Pete's Apizza. Sticky Fingers is nominated for dessert and one other award and Pete's is nominated for cheese pizza.

So go vote for the locals! Last year, Sticky Fingers did pretty well.

Sticky Fingers is at 1370 Park Rd NW and Pete's is at 1400 Irving St NW.

More terrorist polar bear news

The polar bear at the Columbia Heights Metro made big news. Here's a round-up of some of the stories:

Post: "Polar Bears' Plight Doesn't Play With Bomb Squad"

Fox: "Stuffed Bear Disrupts Service at Columbia Heights Metro Station"

DCist: "Other Polar Bears Spotted Around D.C."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cops love Family Guy

A reader sent this photo in of an MPD patrol car around 14th and Columbia on Sunday night. Looks like they enjoy Stewie's antics.

Bigger version here.

Breaking: Columbia Heights Metro closed (by a giant teddy bear?)

Just got this via AlertDC:
Columbia Heights station is closed due to Police Activity outside of the station. Shuttle bus service has been requested between Georgia Avenue and U Street / African American Civil War Memorial.
Anybody been there? Got any news on it?

UPDATE: Commenters say it was a teddy bear. Wow. Here's ABC on it.

UPDATE 2: Commenter tmoney says this is the bear! That does look like Commonwealth at 14th and Irving.

UPDATE 3: DCist notes the bear could be this bear, a climate change protest of sorts. That would mean somebody could be in the bear. It could be some sort of art project too, Mark Jenkins or part of Brushfire.

The Metro is back open. WMATA says it was a "suspicious package." Yeah, a bear-shaped one.

NBC4 has the full story, and possibly the best photo I have ever seen.

Designer shoe store coming to Columbia Heights

I saw this little tidbit in the Post the other day, the local Simply Soles company will be opening a store in the neighborhood. The store is run by Kassie Rempel, who started the company out as a mail-order business.

I'm following up with her, so stay tuned.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New snow cone vendor

I've noticed a new snow cone vendor lately at the SE corner of 14th and Irving, near the CVS - they sell big snow cones out of those Chinese food takeout containers, or even bigger ones out of even bigger Chinese food containers.

I had the orange, it was pretty darn good, and only $2. They seem to be out there until about 6ish. One of the staffers was quite the salesman too, she was trying to sell me on getting extra flavors, which cost more. I said no thanks.

Neighborhood bits

I haven't heard of much going on in the neighborhood this weekend, but Adams Morgan Day is on Sunday. That's close to Columbia Heights, at least.

Anybody else have suggestions for things in the neighborhood?

Cluck U

No, Cluck U!

I was perusing Flickr and found this funny mural, it's at 2921 Georgia Ave NW, at Columbia Rd. Anyone been to that Cluck U?

Photo by IntangibleArts

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New bar, restaurant, hardware store?

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I learned a lot of things at last night's ANC meeting.

For one, there's a new bar coming 14th and Newton, roughly - Dave's Tavern. Dave himself was at the meeting, he said the place will have Mediterranean food and an outside patio, with about 50 seats (not sure if that's just inside or total). The place will be at 3423 14th St NW, across from the fire station. The ANC voted unanimously in support of his place. Not sure the timetable of this place.

There were also some developers talking about an affordable housing building at 14th Georgia and Lamont they were working on, which will have two ground floor retail spots. They said they were talking to local hardware people and also hoped to have a sit-down restaurant, and maybe a dry cleaners. I'd love to have a hardware store, but the dry cleaners seems like overkill to me, there are already about 100 in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for post #3 from the meeting - farmer's market!

The ANC meeting and the wine bar

A lot happened at the ANC meeting, but first I'm going to write about the wine bar, Room 11 at 11th and Lamont. Stay tuned for future posts from the meeting about a new bar, a farmer's market, a possible hardware store, etc.

Basically, the owners came before the ANC to discuss their "voluntary agreement," which is, basically, how the ANC can control a bar's hours. If the bar owners don't agree to sign it, the ANC will protest their alcohol license application, which would be very bad for the owners.

So before one of the co-owners got up to speak about it, an agitated man in the audience got up to voice his disapproval. He was displeased over what he thought was a lack of notice about the meeting, though the ANC members pointed out that the bar owners had been to ANC meetings twice before and the license was posted on their door, and the man's ANC commissioner, Samuel Johnson, said this was the first opposition to the bar he's heard of. The man had a number of other concerns, about trash, noise, size, etc, so one of the owners then read the voluntary agreement in full. I spoke to the man after the meeting and he said he lives two houses down from the bar site. He asked not to be identified, but he wasn't William Jordan (who actually spoke at the meeting - more on that in another post).

The agreement stipulates that the place will have 25 patio seats and 20 indoor seats, the patio (called a "summer garden" in legalese) will be open as weather permits, they won't have loud music or live bands, they won't sell food or drink outside after 11 pm from Sunday-Thursday and midnight Friday-Saturday, that the noise must be a level that it can't be heard inside neighboring residents or across the street, that the dumpster will be fenced in, and that garbage is picked up 3 times a week.

The man wasn't satisfied with any of this. He continued to argue, though ANC chair Dotti Love Wade pointed out this wasn't a debate, and that most of the things specified in the agreement were part of the Alcohol Beverage Commission law, so the ANC couldn't change it. The man also complained about the patio being called a "summer garden" in the agreement, and wanted "summer" and "loud" defined. However, I think "summer garden" just a term for outside seating with no connection to the season. When the ANC was about to vote (they voted unanimously in favor of the bar) he yelled that this was being "railroaded" and Wade beat her gavel and called him out of order.

When I spoke to him later, he didn't believe that the owners would fence in the dumpster, said it would be noisy, etc. I told him if it was loud, he could call the police, but he didn't like that answer. I have a feeling that no matter what, he will be opposed to this bar, and that's his prerogative.

I disagree with all of his claims, basically. I don't think the place will be loud at all. It's a wine bar, not Tom Toms. As for the garbage, one of the owners (whose name I didn't catch, but not Paul Ruppert) said he used to manage Temperance Hall and that trash pickup 3 times a week was sufficient. He also said neighbors complimented Temperance on their cleanliness.

So that was that. The bar owners go in front of the ABC Board on September 29. I bet the man will be back.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANC meeting tonight on wine bar, more

Thanks to a commenter for spotting this - tonight's ANC meeting at Harriet Tubman Elementary (13th and Irving) will be on the new wine bar coming to the neighborhood, Room 11 and apparently another new bar at 14th and Newton. I'm going to try to make it.

Wine bar opening in October

I somehow missed this: the much-maligned (and also much-supported) wine bar at 11th and Lamont St NW will be called Room 11, and it will be opening in October.

What do you think? 11 reasons to be mad? Or 11 wines to drink?

There's already a Yelp page for it, even though it hasn't opened.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Have you voted today?

Today is election day for Democrats and Statehood-Greens, have you voted? The races being contested are city council, Democratic (and I assume Statehood-Green) National Committee members, and Shadow Congresspeople.

Here's the City Paper's endorsements.

My polling place is the Latin American Youth Center at Columbia Rd and 14th St NW, and there's also one at Garnet-Patterson School at 10th and V. If you don't know your polling place, you can go to any polling place and vote there.

Go vote!

Pete's Apizza update

Anybody been back to Pete's lately? I had gone a few times when it opened and was less than impressed, but I've been back lately a few times and it's been really tasty. The cheese is good, the clam is very tasty, and they're all good really. If you wrote them off before, pay them a visit.

The ordering system is still kind of kooky though, you order at one register, then walk 3 feet to the left and pay at another. Shrug.

Pete's is at 1400 Irving Street NW, next to the Metro and Potbelly. Here's their website.

Appetizing photo by MrTinDC

Drugs tests at CVS

I saw this at the CVS at 14th and Irving NW yesterday. Pretty amusing. It's like those home breathalyzers, except less fun.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Changes at Mayorga

Looks like things are afoot for Mayorga at 14th and Park. Prince of Petworth has been reporting on it a lot - basically, the coffee shop downstairs is closed, and will be reopening as a sushi joint. Apparently it was a franchise. I can't say it's shocking, as the place never had anybody in it when I was there and had a weird atmosphere, but they did have good coffee and drinks, like the s'mores mocha.

The upstairs place will still be serving Korean food, as our Robyn Mincher reported on awhile ago. And apparently it's pretty good. The rumor is that the coffee and espresso-making equipment was leased to Carvel/Cinnabon next door.

Somewhere I saw a mention that the owner of Mayorga (or maybe the owner of the Tivoli) said this change was a breach of contract between them and the franchisee, but I can't find it now. So stay tuned.

More sidewalk work on Irving

Looks like they finished the south side of Irving between 14th and 13th, and now they're working on the north side. They're doing some repaving and such. On the south side, they put bricks in the space between the sidewalk and the street.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Howard vs Georgetown moved to Sunday

The Howard-Georgetown football game was moved to Sunday at 1 pm due to the rain. It'll be at Greene Stadium on Howard's campus at 6th and Fairmont.

Here's Howard's press release.

Giant: not too bad so far

I went to Giant at about 11:30 am, it wasn't too bad. The lines weren't long, there was still water and bread and such. Anybody go more recently? How was it?

UPDATE: (I was referring to hurricane preparations in this post. I should have made that more clear.)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend Bits

What are you up to this weekend? Here's a few things.

--Howard University football opens its season Saturday against Georgetown. 1 pm at Greene Stadium, 6th and Fairmont. I wrote about it earlier.
--There's a freaking hurricane coming! Will Giant be mobbed? Er, more mobbed than usual?
--Anything else?

Bomb threat at DCUSA?

About 12:15 pm, my roommate called me and said about 40 police cars were on Irving around 14th Street, and there was police tape from 14th to 16th, Park to Irving. A commenter on the last post said at 12:55 pm it was a bomb threat, and added "There was a large crowd of employees at the triangle plaza [14th and Kenyon] and police had the southbound side of 14th blocked off. I saw at least five K-9 units there and they were in the process of sending them in."

UPDATE: The roommate went back at about 1:45 and said it was all clear.

DCist has some funny comments about it.

Shooting on Irving on Tuesday

Since commenters keep asking about it, here's some info on a shooting on the 1200 block of Irving St NW on Tuesday. It comes from the police listerve:
An assault occurred on the 1200 blk of Irving St Nw at approximately 7:50 pm on 9-2-08. Complainant reports while talking to a friend he heard two shots and felt that he was hit. Complainant saw a grey colored SUV leave the scene. Complainant was transported to the hospital and admitted with a gunshot wound to his back. No description was given of suspect.
A resident of the block emailed me with this:
I was working at my desk (2nd floor of rowhouse on Irving, front room) and heard 3 or 4 loud shots. I immediately looked out my curtains, but everything seemed normal, so I went back to work. I just moved to the neighborhood and I always think I hear gun shots, but it's always some other sound, so I figured it was a car backfiring or some other random noise. Then [a friend] called me about 15 min later, I opened the curtains, and there were now police swarming the scene. So, though I heard the shots, that's about all the information I can give. A policewoman came and interviewed me, and I told her the same.
She said she didn't get any other information from the police.

In general, I don't like reporting on crime, since it tends to happen regularly. If something is really absurd, like the 14th and Fairmont Street shooting and fight, then I'll mention it. A good place to look for crime information is MPD's Third District listserves - there are two, the Substation (which I think is more useful) and the Third District itself.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Columbia Heights Day fundraiser tonight

Almost forgot to mention this, there's a Columbia Heights Day fundraiser at Wonderland tonight, starting at 5 until midnight. It's a circus themed fundraiser, with alcoholic sno-cones, Columbia Heights Day t-shirts (1 for $15, or 2 for $25) and also a raffle.

Check it out! Here's the Columbia Heights Day website, it's October 4th.

Wonderland is at 1101 Kenyon Street NW.

Two kids hurt while playing with fire

My roommates had a pretty crazy story from Monday - they were at 13th and Columbia and saw a can of gas, a burned shoe, and some firemen standing around. Then they found this article from News Channel 8, yikes!

However, it turns out that it was kids playing with gas and fire, so it's a little better than originally thought. Here's the Fox article on that.

Sidewalk construction at 13th and Irving

Originally uploaded by squidpants
I saw this yesterday, and they're still there today, at the southeast corner of 13th and Irving. They're resurfacing it - you might have time to scratch your name in it if you get there quick enough!

And we're back

I was out of town for a few days, but now I'm back! Stay tuned for more Columbia Heights blogitude.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Call box sculptures made by young people

Found this on Youtube, pretty neat. A student made a sculpture for one of those callboxes on the corner at the Harriet Tubman Elementary School. The video was posted by Immediate Reaction, which is affiliated with the Latin American Youth Center's Art + Media House, the same folks who did the mural on Kenyon Street NW. They're doing a lot of neat stuff lately.