Monday, July 28, 2008

Veggie hot dog eating contest photos

Hot Dog Contest 022
Originally uploaded by squidpants
Thanks to reader Ken for supplying me with a lot of photos of last Saturday's veggie hot dog eating contest. The event was put on by Compassion Over Killing at Sticky Fingers Bakery on Park Road.

Looks like a pretty fun event, but unfortunately I couldn't make it. The winner used the fake name of The Invader and ate 16 tofurky dogs in 8 minutes, followed by 14 and 8.5 for 2nd and 3rd place. Not bad! All of Ken's photos are here.


  1. thanks for the update on this event. i caught the tail end of it and wish i had gotten there sooner. it looked crazy & messy & awesome. i did get there in time for some tofurkey hot dog samples -- they were actually really good. i checked out sticky fingers bakery. they have vegan ice cream that seriously tasted no different than regular ice cream! wow. who knew vegan food was that tasty...?! maybe if there's a contest next year i'll hear about in time to enter

  2. I hope I can do the same, anon!


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