Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ellwood Thomspon's still "very close"

I've been writing about organic grocer Ellwood Thompson's for awhile now - in early May, they were "hard at work on a lease" in DC USA.

I got in touch with them a few days ago, and the spokesperson said "We've been told that we're very close" but that the details haven't been disclosed to them. The spokesperson also said she wanted the neighborhood to know "how excited Ellwoods staff is about the future possibilities of being part of the community."

She also said I'd be the first to know when there are new developments, so stay tuned!

I sure hope this happens soon, as the Giant is still awfully slow.

Here's Ellwood's website.

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  1. You might be a little far from it - but the Harris Teeter on Kalorama is amazing. I've never had to wait in line there and they always have sale items available. Personally I don't mind paying a little more to not be stuck in the line at Giant for 30 minutes waiting to check out anyways. The Giant had gotten so bad that I dreaded going to buy groceries and would try to sustain life on whatever I could find in my cabinets for as long as possible.


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