Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clarification on the Express mention

If anybody reads the Express, you may have noticed that New Columbia Heights was mentioned in the Blog Log section, specifically yesterday's post about fireworks. However, they misunderstood the post, thinking I was referring to people shooting guns in the air. I wasn't. I thought I was pretty clear, saying I mistook fireworks for gunshots until I heard a fizzle, and I included a picture of fireworks. I guess the "shot" part threw them off.

But just in case anybody was worried, I meant watch out for kids and fireworks in the next few days, not people shooting guns in the air. This is Columbia Heights, not Detroit.


  1. what the fuck? first yesterday's express says that all of detroit should be bulldozed, and now you're comparing detroit to baghdad?

    what does everyone in DC have against detroit right now?!?

  2. holy crap. express needs to print a correction. that's some b.s.

  3. nothing against Detroit, you guys gave us J Dilla:

    it happens in Chicago too, as i saw on that Gangland episode about Cabrini Green

  4. Hahaha, yea, I had a good laugh when I read that. Sorry, dude.


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