Thursday, March 27, 2008

Police Stopping Cars on 13th

I've noticed that the fuzz is out on 13th. An officer was standing at 13th and Fairmont yesterday stopping cars, and today one's at 13th and Girard - have been all day as far as I can tell. I saw the officer pull over a couple as I walked past, and later when I went over to ask what they're looking for, he pulled over another. I think it might be seatbelts, as most people seemed to be coming to a complete stop at the stop sign. Anybody know more?


Hello, and welcome to New (Columbia) Heights. There's a lot of blogs around, and while some great blogs (Prince of Petworth chief among them) touch on Columbia Heights, with so much going on here and so much coming in, the neighborhood deserved its own blog. I hope this blog will be a good source for news, and what's new, what's coming, what's missing, and just random interesting neighborhood stuff. There'll be a few more bloggers joining soon, and please bear with us while we figure out the look and feel, so consider this the "soft launch." Thanks for tuning in.