Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Columbia Heights snags 3 out of 4 top finalists for "Restaurant of the Year"

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Coming hot on the heels of last week's foodie win for Columbia Heights when Esquire released its "Best New Restaurants" list for 2019 and not only did they choose three different DC locales, but the #1 spot went to Columbia Heights very own Seven Reasons
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"Seven Reasons is like a refined Dinner Party fueled by Latin Fusion" writes Esquire's Food & Drink editor, Jeff Gordinier.

"Ten minutes north of the White House and its sour, divisive rhetoric, immigrants are throwing a party. Unfettered joy radiates from inside Seven Reasons as you stand outside the front door, and once you enter and sit down, that joy makes itself known—proudly, defiantly—in the riot of flavors and hues that chef Enrique Limardo sends out from the kitchen. Limardo and several members of his team come from Venezuela, a country in the midst of collapse, and yet the Latin American food and cocktails at Seven Reasons—a mountain of black rice topped with prawns and pork cheeks, a salad in which the summery tang of tomatoes has been concentrated into cubes of jelly, a platter of hamachi tiradito whose pink and green splashes of salmon roe and jalapeƱo could hang in an art gallery—serve up jubilation as a remedy for pain and color as a cure for the blues. Is there almost too much packed into each bite? No one’s complaining. More-is-more extravagance is what makes Seven Reasons a fiesta you never want to stop."

Check out the full article here to see who else from the DMV made the list!

Today, after more than a month of whittling down the competition, Eater released its top nominees for 2019 and not only did the neighborhood gets some honorable mentions for top designs, but Columbia Heights & 14th St took home three out of four of the overall "Restaurant of the Year" champions!

Check out this excerpt from the announcement:

Restaurant of the Year

Queen’s English: This Columbia Heights newcomer gained a fast following for inventive, Hong Kong-style dishes from Henji Cheung, intriguing cocktails from Sarah Thompson, and warm service in a dining room lined with red-and-gold Chinoiserie wallpaper.

Rooster & Owl: After years of pop-ups, Yuan and Carey Tang finally opened a restaurant on 14th Street NW that seamlessly shifts through Asian, Italian, and American cuisines — sometimes in the same dish — on its four-course, multiple choice prix fixe.

Seven Reasons: Venezuelan-born chef Enrique Limardo brought a painter’s touch to modern, pan-Latin plates in a two-level, red brick venue on 14th Street NW that feels equal parts industrial and Amazonian.

Check out "Eater Awards 2019: Here Are the D.C. Finalists" for the full story and to see who else is featured in the DMV! 

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  1. Seven Reasons is not in Columbia Heights... and Rooster & Owl is BARELY in the neighborhood, as well.

  2. Anonymous at 7:40pm is correct!

  3. Looks like Queens English is closed... any word on why?


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