Tuesday, October 1, 2019

LSC Screening of "What Happened 2 Chocolate City" this Friday

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The Love + Solidarity Collective is hosting a screening of "What Happened 2 Chocolate City" a feature length documentary exploring the roots of Washington, DC, a capital of Black art, music & culture, and how they came to be endangered.

From our friends at the Love + Solidarity Collective:

***Required watching for DC transplants***
What Happened 2 Chocolate City is a feature length documentary, exploring the rise and decline of one of our nation’s most prominent Black communities through the narrative of three individuals. John, Mike, and Zarina, each represent a generational experience many Black Washingtonians faced over the past century. 
By visually examining the repercussions of urban development and revitalization in the district, WH2CC will uncover the roots of Washington, DC, a district home to GoGo music, Mumbo Sauce, and legions of black artists and academics, and how they’ve come to be endangered. 
Join us for a free screening and post-film discussion. 
Thank you to filmmaker Mignotae Kebede for this beautiful piece.

Documentary Night: What Happened 2 Chocolate City
Friday, October 4th at 7:00 PM
Love + Solidarity Collective 
439 Park Road NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20010

 Check out the trailer here.

About LSC: 
The Love & Solidarity Collective (formerly the Lamont Street Collective) is one of DC's oldest intentional communities, devoted to supporting art, activism, social justice, and our community in Park View. We provide affordable housing to artists, activists, and individuals who are passionate about transforming our society for the better. 
In addition to providing resources & support for our residents to pursue their work, we use the talents & networks of the people we house to open our home as a community space for artists and activists in DC, because we believe in mutual aid. If you need space for a creative exploration, a radical political meeting, or anything that you feel speaks to our mission and history: contact us today. 
We aim to make our neighborhood, our networks, and our city more creative, and more connected to the world.

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