Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Little Havana Is Closing, For Real This Time

Little Havana opened in summer 2018 on a busy block of 14th St. NW.

Travis Mitchell / DCist
Little Havana is calling it quits—for real this time. The Cuban restaurant in Columbia Heights announced Wednesday that it will close on Saturday, just 13 months after opening and five months after a previous closing announcement.

Chef Alfredo Solis will replace his Little Havana with another restaurant, Anafre, expected to open this fall. According to a release, the restaurant is named for the Spanish word for a portable clay oven, which Solis’ mother used to cook meals in his childhood home. Many of the dishes—including chicken, ribs, and fish brushed with green mole, the Mexican flatbread tlayuda—will be cooked in an open kitchen over charcoal. Even a deep-fried lobster will be finished on the grill.

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