Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NBA star Stephen Curry sponsors Howard University's new golf program

This is pretty neat: NBA superstar Stephen Curry is donating money to start a men's and women's golf team at Howard University. Curry played golf in high school and visited Howard in January, where he met some students, including senior Otis Ferguson IV, who organized a golf club and was hoping to create varsity golf program. The school previously had a golf team until the 1970s.

ESPN and USA Today have full stories. Curry will sponsor the program for 6 years.

Howard plays Division I sports and I've been to a couple football and basketball games and really enjoyed it -- the men's hoops team had one of the highest scorers in the country and the football team has Cam Newton's younger brother Caylin as the quarterback. The marching band is also a highlight.

Photo by Andrew Harvik/AP Photo

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