Monday, July 8, 2019

Georgia Ave changes: Marrakech Moroccan restaurant closed after 2 months, Mr. Braxton bar coming, Tsehay Ethiopian now open

Lots happening on Georgia Avenue -- Marrakech, a Moroccan restaurant formerly on P Street in Dupont, opened at 3632 Georgia Avenue a couple of months ago without much fanfare, and now they're gone. The replacement has permits in the windows, which will be Mr. Braxton Bar and Restaurant.

And next door at 3630 Georgia, Tsehay Ethiopian Bar and Restaurant is also open. I walked by the other day and it smelled great. If you recall, this place had some strange permits a while ago for restaurant, beauty shop and skating rink. I am guessing someone just picked the wrong code. Tsehay has great reviews on Yelp so far. They're open for lunch and dinner.

Mr. Braxton next door is coming to the seemingly cursed space at 3632 Georgia, pictured above. That space was formerly Blue Banana, Park View Patio, Walter's Sports Bar, and finally Marrakech. One of the problems before was that they didn't have a full kitchen, and Park View DC reports that Marrakech added one, so that's good for Mr. Braxton.

Washingtonian has an article about Mr. Braxton, here's how they describe it:
The newest addition to Park View, Mr. Braxton, will have a little bit of everything: Burgers. Paella. Taco Tuesdays. After it’s up and running in early June, you’ll be able to drink CBD cocktails and enjoy the occasional live music in a lounge area, or head out to the colorful, greenery-covered back patio for a local brew.
They also mention watermelon soup, rack of lamb, tacos, mussels and more. The name comes from owners Shannon Cunningham and Booker Parchment's son. Cunningham formerly was manager of Brick Lane in Dupont, and Parchment is a businessman.

Marrakech was a mysterious one to me -- it never really looked open and they never responded to me reaching out about their business. You'd think they'd want to get some press. They opened with what seemed to be a temporary permit, then disappeared as quickly. I emailed them today and they said they moved to Eastern Market.

Hopefully these new spots succeed!

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