Thursday, June 6, 2019

Work underway at 14th and Monroe for Children's Hospital primary care center; former TGI Friday's space

Finally, something is coming to the big empty space that was supposed to be TGI Friday's at 14th and Monroe. The other day I walked by and saw some workers there, who told me it was being turned into a primary care center, and the permits for it say "Children's National Primary Care," which is affiliated with Children's Hospital.

Work is underway, but it's unclear how long it will take. Children's Hospital sold their Shaw clinic last year, so presumably this is the replacement.

It seems like a good use of the space. This was going to be TGI Friday's, which spurred some opposition from neighbors that it would be loud or otherwise problematic (upstairs from this space is a senior citizens' home.) TGI Friday's agreed to install soundproofing, but then they canceled their plans and it never came to fruition, and the space has sat vacant for a long time.

The area is a bit far from the main foot traffic around 14th and Irving, and the space across 14th failed as both a Ruby Tuesday and as the mysterious and rarely open Jenkins BBQ. (That space is now planned to be a Korean BBQ, which I hope succeeds.)

In any case, it seems like a convenient place to take your kid for medical care. What do you think?

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