Thursday, May 30, 2019

New neighborhood bar Smitty's now open at 3549 Georgia; relaxed vibe, nice cocktails

There's a pretty cool new neighborhood bar open at 3549 Georgia Ave NW, Smitty's. I stopped by last week and enjoyed it, it has a relaxed vibe with brick walls and a long bar, plus some tables, and some nice cocktails.

It's run in part by Kaleabe Getanah, who you may remember from the Saloon or Hilltop - he's a super nice guy so it's good to see him with a new place. They also have some bar snacks, though I didn't try them. The lemon basil vodka soda and cucumber mint gin & tonic were quite tasty. Prices are very reasonable too.

It's a nice little friendly spot, check them out.

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