Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hong Kong Chinese restaurant Queen's English coming to Good Silver/Kangaroo Boxing space on 11th

This is a welcome development: a Chinese restaurant called Queen's English is coming to 3410 11th Street NW, formerly where The Good Silver and Kangaroo Boxing Club were. Eater reports the chef is Henji Cheung, formerly the executive chef at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. A sign in the door says now hiring, and mentions Hong Kong style cuisine.

The menu looks pretty interesting, with bar food and lots of drinks. The menu is below, with things like smoked trout roe, pigs ear, a half chicken, and Eater adds things like "crispy rice with fried shrimp, steam egg and caviar, naked scallop dumplings, and bamboo salad." They'll also have Hong Kong-inspired cocktails as well as wine and beer. 

I think this is a great addition -- there isn't much Chinese in our area that isn't the takeout variety, so I'm excited to check it out.

Since they're hiring now, they may be opening soon.

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