Friday, October 12, 2018

Amen Coffee & Juice now open at Georgia and New Hampshire

There's another option for coffee in the area: Amen Coffee & Juice just opened at 3661 Georgia Ave NW, just south of New Hampshire Ave and the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro. The spot has Ethiopian coffee and wifi, plus various house mades juices, as well as Ethiopian breakfasts like ful, a dish with beans, vegetables and spices. I stopped by the other day and had a nice coffee, and they were super friendly. I haven't tried the food yet, but plan on it.

The location was formerly the Amanuel Market, a convenience store -- you can see it on the old Google Streetview picture above.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Call Your Mother bagel spot and deli from Timber Pizza Co. opens this week on Georgia Ave!

This is awesome: Call Your Mother, the bagel place and restaurant from the Timber Pizza Co. crew, is opening this week, according to the City Paper.

It's described as a "Jew-is deli" with bagels that are sort of halfway between New York-style and Montreal-style. CYM has also been selling bagel sandwiches at farmers markets and other events in the area for a few months now.

It's coming to 3310 Georgia Avenue NW, which is the former Tchoup's/Alfie's/Mothership. Nice to see something replacing some popular neighborhood spots.

The CP has the menu too, which looks awesome: bagel sandwiches and deli sandwiches like pastrami on rye, coffee, lots of shmears, and a "big ass bagel board" that feeds two or four with all the meats and spreads they have. Sounds like a fun option for a brunch with friends or event. They also have other "Jew-ish" snacks like crispy pastrami rice, whitefish croquettes and more. The sandwiches look incredible.

There are Latin American touches as well, like "your South American grandmother's matzoh ball soup" as co-owner Daniela Moreira has Argentine roots. It all sounds awesome.

We heard before that they also plan to have "supper club" events with theme dinners like Salvadoran food, fried chicken, Peking duck, New York style pizza etc. You can follow them on Instagram to learn more.

Here's the location and the interior design.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Frustrated about politics? Help get out the vote in Virginia swing districts this weekend, and going forward

If you're like me, the Kavanaugh hearings have been frustrating, and just another frustrating day in a series of them -- it seems like every day Trump or the Republicans in Congress are doing something awful. While DC doesn't have a vote in Congress, we're lucky to be near a lot of swing districts in Virginia -- many of which Republicans narrowly won in the last election. And we can help elect members of Congress who believe women, who will fight the Trump agenda and advocate for progressive policies.

And this can help DC too -- electing people who won't want to meddle with DC's laws like so many current in the current congress. In the past Republicans in Congress have stopped the city from having medical marijuana, doing needle exchange programs, funding women's health services, enforcing gun control laws and much more.

There are a few options to get active -- Swing Left will connect you with local swing races, of which there are many in Virginia. There's a Columbia Heights Swing Left group too. Getting Democrats out to vote is a huge way to win races, and they'll connect you to go canvassing, the most impactful kind of volunteering, where you encourage people to get out to vote.

I've been canvassing a number of times, and while it seems daunting at first, it's really not too bad. In my experience you are talking only to specific Democrats who are either likely to vote or haven't voted in a while -- you don't knock on random doors or have to argue or persuade anyone. It's actually kind of fun, even if you aren't that outgoing or don't love talking to strangers. I'm not, and I enjoy it. Plus you are making a big impact, studies show that people are 50% likely to vote with face to face interaction.

You can also do phone banking or texting for campaigns both in Virginia and elsewhere. For example, Swing Left currently has canvassing in Virginia for Leslie Cockburn and for Abigail Spanberger against Tea Party nut job Dave Brat, plus phone banking from your house for Amy McGrath, the fighter pilot is a close race against Republican Andy Barr in Kentucky.

You can also sign up to help with campaigns directly -- for example, Jennifer Wexton is the Democrat running against Trump supporter Barbara Comstock in Virginia's 10th district, which includes parts of Fairfax County, Manassas and Loudoun County. You can sign up for volunteer events for her here.

There's also a twice a month postcard writing campaign at the Midlands, every other Wednesday. You can sign up here.

And if you can't do anything soon, there's the Swing Left bus to go to key districts in Virginia the weekend before the election, Nov. 3. Learn more here.

And the easiest way, if you can afford it, is to donate to a campaign.

And if you know of any other options, let us know in the comments!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Park View neighborhood cleanup on Georgia Ave. is this Saturday: free metal straws for volunteers!

Georgia Avenue Thrive, the local nonprofit, has organized their next monthly cleanup for this Saturday at 10am at Georgia and Irving. Volunteers will help pick up trash and make the area look nicer -- it's a good way to meet your neighbors and help out. Here's more from the organizers:
Hi friends, neighbors and community leaders -- Georgia Avenue Thrive will hold its next cleanup at 10 a.m., Sat. Oct. 6 at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Irving Street.

Volunteers will receive a free stainless steel straws, thanks to our amazing partner District Bridges. We'll also debut 10 new, top-notch trash pickers, thanks to a generous donation from DC Reynolds, a great friend of the community.

These cleanups have become a great success thanks to the promotional support of leaders like yourself. Thank you so much for spreading the word! (our flyer is attached.)

I hope to see you on the 6th!