Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Heights at 14th and Kenyon is now Choong Man Draft House, a Korean chicken restaurant

This came out of nowhere: The Heights Taproom at 14th and Kenyon is now a Korean spot called Choong Man Chicken Draft House. Choong Man is a local chain of Korean chicken spots with locations on H Street NE, Fairfax, Centreville and Baltimore. (Confusingly there are two websites for Choong Man with different info, but they both have the same logo.)

The signs say coming soon, so we'll see if they keep the pour-your-own-beer taps that The Heights Taproom had or what else they'll change. The location itself changed a few months ago from The Heights to a more burger and beer focused place. Let's hope it stays Choong Man for a while.

Anybody been to another of the Choong Man spots? I do love me some Korean fried chicken.

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  1. That space is such a good location but it seems to go through so many concepts in a heart beat. Hope the new one turns out well -- it really is a good anchor spot. I wasn't tempted by the pizza/salad bar; seemed super weird.


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