Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Choong Man Draft House, Korean chicken spot that replaced the Heights, is now open

Chicken time! A bit ago we saw that The Heights Taproom, formerly just The Heights, was getting replaced with Choong Man Draft House, a branch of a local Korean chicken chain. And now it's open! A buddy snapped this photo the other day and sent it along.

So far there aren't any Yelp reviews (or even a Yelp page) for it, but I did see a few folks there the other day. Have you been? How is it?

I hope they keep their pour your own beer machine, it was fun and pretty inexpensive. And maybe add some Korean beers.

The other local Choong Mans all have good reviews on Yelp.

They're at 3115 14th Street NW, at Kenyon.

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