Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Kraken Axes axe-throwing bar temporarily moving; getting renovations, adding outdoor beer garden, food

Kraken Axes was a big surprise when it opened in the old Murry's grocery store at Georgia and Morton: it's a bar with axe throwing, a popular pastime in Canada, but not too well known here. I went a few months ago and had a blast, and heard about lots of other plans for the owners.

And now, Eater reports those plans are underway. The space on Georgia is temporarily closed as they're renovating the inside, with the axe-tossing moving to 1901 1st Street SW, near the new DC United stadium.

The plans for the current Kraken space sound pretty awesome: Kraken plans to add a 5,000 square foot beer and wine garden outside (facing Morton Street), which we previously heard would be Viking-themed. They're also adding a bar food menu with things like burgers and wings, as well as cup holders for axe-throwers. They're also considering a dance floor, a scotch whiskey library, a sports bar with rugby, cricket and soccer on TV, plus outdoor fire pits. Sounds ambitious and awesome.

They're aiming for opening in the fall for Oktoberfest.


  1. https://parkviewdc.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/krakenaxes812018.pdf

    I doubt they are returning to this location. See above. They have been occupying without a Certificate of Occupancy, they also have been serving liquor before getting the license. My guess is that they are just moving out.

    1. When I talked to them, they said they were adding a lot of things to the building, pointing out where the whiskey library would be, and that they're adding a beer garden outside. Eater seems to think the same thing. I guess we'll see. My guess is they get a fine or a slap on the wrist and keep operating.

  2. the accusations are very serious against them (forging documents, lying to officials, operating without a C/O and serving alcohol on many occasions without a license. And many of their businesses are implicated. ABRA has denied applications for far less...not off to a good start at all and frankly they have lost the little good standing they had with the neighborhood.

    1. I guess we'll see how with hearing goes. I haven't heard anything else negative about them and I live really close.


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