Thursday, August 23, 2018

First look at Little Havana, new Cuban restaurant on 14th Street; plus photos!

Cuban restaurant Little Havana has just opened on the budding strip of 14th Street where the Red Derby, Lyman's, Mescalero and Taqueria Habanero are -- we were able to visit for their opening a bit ago and really enjoyed it.

From Alfredo Solis, who also does Mescalero and El Sol, the inside is covered in murals of famous Cubans and Cuban Americans (singer Celia Cruz, Nats pitcher Gio Gonzalez, and so on) and has a really pretty open kitchen.

The spot has 60 seats altogether in the dining room, bar and patio seating. Currently it's only open in the evening for dinner (the bar opens at 3pm, the kitchen at 4pm) but they're hoping to extend the hours.

Ment items range from about $10-12 for appetizers and starters to about $20 for entrees, and everything was delicious. The Cuban sandwiches were excellent, and with the open kitchen you can watch the chefs make and press them. Other highlights were yuca fries, empanadas with corn and cheese, a type of fish toast (fish on grilled bread) as well as croquetas with jamón (ham.) Other items include braised beef tongue, oxtail, tortas and paella.

There's also a wide drink selection, with a very fresh and delicious piña colada in a hollowed-out pineapple, pineapple and lime daiquiris, mojitos (both blended frozen and fresh) plus beers and wine.

Scroll down for more photos!

Photos by Victoria Johnson and Franny Thomas


  1. This is closer to a third look since everyone beat you to the punch. But nice pics.

    1. First look as in our first look at it. I’ve been using that term for years


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