Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The History of Cannabis Museum now open on Georgia Ave.

A few months ago, we heard about The History of Cannabis Museum coming to Georgia Avenue near DC Reynolds -- it was a museum about doobies, plus (my guess) a shop of some kind. (Get it THC Museum?) We didn't hear much since, but now it's opened in a new spot at 2822 Georgia Avenue NW, near Girard Street.

Their website doesn't say much, but does mention that there are tours for $10, and their social media talks about various products they have. A video about the spot (below) shows exhibits about the usage of cannabis through time, from the Egyptians to George Washington (presumably that he grew hemp) through the scary movies about weed in the 30s and through the modern day.

Has anyone been? How is it? It looks like Flavor Flav paid them a visit at some point. If it's like other weed shops in DC, to comply with the city's marijuana laws you can't actually buy weed directly -- places will have people buy something else random and then give you free doobies. The city has also raided a few pop-up shops lately.

The museum is run by Grow Club DC in Adams Morgan, which focuses on tools and techniques for growing weed yourself.

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