Monday, July 9, 2018

Market with tobacco and vape shop coming to former Cooper Hardware store at 3459 14th Street

Good news if you are a smoker or vaper: a reader sent this photo of 3459 14th Street NW, a vacant storefront that formerly was home to Cooper Hardware. Cooper has been closed for some time and the building was considered vacant and blighted by the city.

The reader noted that the windows are covered over but the lights were on and there seemed to be work going on inside. The business licenses for the building say grocery, tobacco and "patent medicine" (as in over the counter) so I am guessing it's a convenience store that will also sell tobacco and vape products.

I'm not really a smoker or vaper but lots of people are, so it makes sense there would be a place to buy related things. I would assume this means the non-marijuana variety of smokeables. As the tipster said it's not the fanciest use of the building but it's also always nice to have an empty building get filled with something productive.

Here's the building before. Looks like they reused the Cooper sign.

from Google Streetview


  1. My husband and I live across the street, and while we are glad that it is no longer vacant, we are a little disappointed that this is what's filling the space. We would have much rather had something like a hardware store.

    1. Yeah, that's true. You are pretty close to Annie's Ace on Upshur and Old School on Mt. Pleasant though.


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