Monday, July 9, 2018

"He dipped out during Butt Drugs": former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb spotted at punk rock show at Slash Run

This isn't something you hear every day: former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb was spotted at Slash Run, the bar and restaurant on Upshur Street NW, where he watched part of a punk show featuring local band Copstabber.

First posted on Facebook, the Washington Post picked the story up too. Local photographer Chris Suspect posted a few photos of Cobb rocking out with this caption:
Last night Ty Cobb, former Trump lawyer who handled the Mueller investigation before resigning in May, attends a punk rock show at Slash Run in DC. The band playing was COPSTABBER. Cobb played air guitar and rocked out especially hard to the song "I Love Cocaine." Only in DC. LOL
The Post reports that Cobb and other people dressed much more formally than the rest of the crowd walked in mid-show and hung out for a bit. Suspect told the Post that people identified Cobb to him and he searched the web to be sure.

In later Facebook comments, concertgoers report that Cobb and crew stayed for a few songs, high fived a few other concertgoers and then made their way into the night.

Copstabber singer Dave Poole had this to say on Suspect's Facebook post:
I threw beer on him, called him “ whiskers”, got a high five from him...I just thought he was an old wildman but it turns out he is a RICH old wildman!
And further reported:
he dipped out during “Butt Drugs”, hi fives me and stepped up on the stage and walked across the stage mid song and left.
Pretty awesome. I love our neighborhood.

Screenshot from Suspect's Facebook page

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