Monday, June 25, 2018

New Jamaican vegan cafe, Sweet Sosumba, open at 3501 Georgia

If you're interested in vegan or Jamaican food, there's a new option: Sweet Sosumba at 3501 Georgia Avenue NW. This space was formerly an Ethiopian market. The place only has one Yelp review so far but it's glowing, and I found an old fundraising page from the owner with more info:
My name is Loi Baker, I am a virgo who enjoys great food, good music and good books! I am fun-Ioving and enjoy spending quality time with friends and famliy. I was born in Jamaica and moved to DC five years ago. 
I have been a vegetarian for over ten years and one of my passion is creating and preparing mouthwatering vegan/vegetarian meals. I am now looking to transform my passion by starting a vegan restaurant by November, 2017. Sweet-Sosumba Jamaican Vegan Cafe will serve a classic vegan cuisine that features a distinct Jamaican flavor.
Sweet-Sosumba Vegan Cafe will be a cozy, creative green space where socially conscious community members and others can gather around tasty meat-free meals. 
Growing numbers of people are choosing vegan/vegetarian meal options for better health, for the earth and for the animals. Sweet-Sosumba Jamaican Vegan Cafe will be satisfying this shift in consumer taste preferences by offering healthier non-meat meal options.
Anybody stopped in yet?

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  1. My first visit to Sweet Sosumba, I ordered the coconut curry chickpeas with peas & rice and cabbage. Let me just tell you- The food was so delicious and OUTSTANDING!!!! I recommend that every local vegan, treat themselves to this delicious Caribbean twist to vegan cuisine. This place is a God-send


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