Thursday, June 28, 2018

Did you see a car hit a bicyclist on Monday around 13th and W? Rider woke up in an ambulance, witnesses needed


This is a scary story: a friend of a friend was riding a Capital Bikeshare down 13th Street Monday morning around 8:30am -- and then he woke up in an ambulance after a crash. The police report filed about the incident says he was apparently hit by a car and found around 13th and W. Did you happen to see what happened there or know anyone who might have?

Here's more:
He has no memory of the accident and earliest memory is from inside the ambulance so all details are currently lost. (Even with wearing a helmet! Please wear your helmets!)

According to the 911 call, EMS was on the scene and picked him up before police even arrived, so their evidence at the scene is minimal. It seems like some kind person called 911 and perhaps the same, or another, person used a rag to help his bleeding as it's part of the EMS bag of personal effects and not actually his. 
Anyone catch a glimpse of any of this? Anyone know anyone in the area that might have surveillance footage? He's filing all the necessary reports, including with WABA, but any other advice would be much appreciated!
If you did see or hear anything, please email the rider's friend at brookester10(at)

He is in good spirits with no broken bones thankfully, but a lot cuts, scrapes and bruises. Here's him at the hospital on Monday with supportive friends.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I saw the aftermath of this accident and wish I was commuting earlier to work because I routinely film my bike commute via a GoPro. I just discreetly biked by after first responders were on the scene. Best of luck on your recovery, I hope you uncover some useful information.

  2. One update, someone who helped the victim on the scene came forward, but we're still looking for more. Thanks everyone.

  3. Feel better Joe!! We love you!!

  4. Hey sorry that happened. At least he is not seriously injured and thank God he has supportive people around him.


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