Thursday, May 31, 2018

Qualia Coffee's lease is ending late 2019, looking for space in the area

Not great news for coffee fans: the lease for Qualia Coffee at 3917 Georgia Avenue NW ends in late 2019, according to PoP. The owner of the building is putting it up for sale, and Qualia's owner Joel Finkelstein owner confirmed the details.

The other day I chatted with staff, who said they were looking for space in the area. One of the issues they cited was that they need more space -- the current spot is a small townhouse that can get crowded in the mornings, and it's a little worse for the wear. Finkelstein said something similar to Petworth News, adding that they hope to often more food options in the new location, and they won't be roasting coffee on premises. They're also looking for a new place to roast. They have a second location in Eckington too, right across from Sirius XM.

I hope they stay nearby, as it's one of the few coffee shops in the area and I've always enjoyed it there. Hopefully the ground floor retail spaces at one of the new condo buildings along Georgia would be a good space for Qualia.

But don't fret, that's still about a year and a half away.

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