Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Peruvian chicken and grill, Mister Rotisserie, replaces Bell Corner Stop at Park and Georgia

If you like Peruvian chicken, rotisserie chicken or other grilled meats, you're in luck. A new spot called Mister Rotisserie has replaced the Bell Corner Stop convenience store at 3501 Georgia. Bell also had a Caribbean deli but I never got a chance to try it.

The menu in their window has Peruvian chicken (aka pollo a la brasa) with yuca, rice and beans, as well as steak and cheese, burger, salmon, chicken tenders, and ribeye steak. There are a few tables inside as well.

The place has gradually been getting rid of the corner store items, and now there's just a drink cooler or two.

Bell was there since at least 2010, and maybe longer. The same location was previously Park View Pharmacy -- I found an old medicine bottle with a Park View Pharmacy label for "tincture of belladonna" at an antique store. Park View DC has more about the history of the drug store.

That tincture was apparently used for digestive issues, but belladonna is also a famous poison -- it's also known as nightshade.

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  1. If you love a solid selection of quality craft beers then this place is a terrific choice to start off your night. The Chicago venues have happy hours Saturday night so you can’t go wrong. Definitely the kind of place to start off your night.


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