Thursday, May 24, 2018

Howard looking to redevelop empty buildings on Georgia: survey on what you'd like to see

Howard University owns a number of empty buildings along Georgia Avenue between V and W Streets and wants your opinion on what should go there.

The area was planned to be redeveloped into the Howard Town Square development, including a grocery store, which was stalled and eventually canceled after a dispute between the university and developers. Recently, the university won their case and can proceed with the project. (Urban Turf has more about the site and dispute.)

And Howard published a survey, closing today, that includes what you'd like to see for the area. The site includes two big existing buildings on the west side of Georgia from V to W Street: that's the former Washington Railway and Electric Company (the brick building above) at the corner of Georgia and V, and the former Bond Bakery building at Georgia and W (the white building below.)

Some ideas include a 24-hour market similar to Union Market or Reading Terminal in Philly, among other things. Check out the survey and let them know!

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