Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Construction underway at Jewish bagel shop and deli Call Your Mother and Sonny's Pizza, both on Georgia

If you live around Georgia Avenue, it's time to get excited: I just walked by Sonny's Pizza from the Colony Club folks and Call Your Mother, the Jewish deli from the Timber Pizza crew, and both are coming along.

Both places sound amazing. Call Your Mother, in the previous Alfie's/Tchoup's space, will have bagels that aim to be the city's best, plus coffee, Jewish food, bagel sandwiches (which they already offer at some farmers markets) and sandwiches, and an occasional supper club with various themes, like Salvadoran, fried chicken, etc.

Sonny's Pizza is next door to Colony Club in the MARC Clinic space, they'll have house baked bread, garlic knots, "grandma-style" pizza and pepperoni rolls.

Call Your Mother is aiming for spring and Sonny's I'm not sure about, but I saw a lot of kitchen equipment inside.

I am really excited for both. Photos below of the Sonny's location and Call Your Mother:

Images from Google Street View and HapstakDemetriou+, and Call Your Mother's Instagram.

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