Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Whoa! Wawa coming to 14th and Irving, replacing Five Guys, Pete’s, Potbelly

If you’re a Wawa fan, you’re probably going to be thrilled — while if you’re a Five Guys, Pete’s Apizza or Potbelly fan, maybe not.

Wawa, the Philly-area convenience store know for their subs (or hoagies if you prefer) is coming the corner of 14th and Irving. It’s replacing Five Guys, Pete’s Apizza and Potbelly. A reader sent me a picture showing that Five Guys has already closed, and I expect the others to close soon too.

The next closest Pete’s locations are in Silver Spring and Friendship Heights. For Five Guys, its’s NoMa and Takoma, and for Potbelly it’s Georgia and Bryant near Howard U. (Oddly, a sign at Five Guys sign says they'll see you downtown, but maybe that's just where the franchisee has other stores.)

I’ve never gotten a hoagie at Wawa but the chain has some serious brand loyalty and hard core fans. This will be the third Wawa in the city, behind one on 19th Street and another coming to Georgetown. The rumor is this one will be open 24 hours.

I contacted the Pete's Apizza folks, they said they're closing Sunday and plan to extend the delivery area of their other locations to try to cover part of the 14th and Irving location's delivery zone, but won't be able to cover it all. They don't plan to open another location around our area. Too bad, I love that pizza.

The news was first reported by PoP and confirmed by the Washington Business Journal; which is good, because a previous PoP story about Wawa coming to 15th and P turned out to be wrong.

What do you think of this news? Hooray Wawa or sad to lose these three spots?


  1. Unless Wawa plans to hire everyone who worked at those spots, it's also a shame that some could be out of a job with the move.

    I'd love to see Pete's open at 14th and Monroe (where the Ruby Tuesdays / BBQ place used to be). I could see 5 Guys at the other vacant location at 14th and Monroe (where TGI Friday's never launched) or even at Irving and Hiatt.

    1. Good points anon, those would be great uses for those spaces. Sounds like Pete's is staying pat though. I know a lot of friends are sad about Five Guys and it always seemed pretty popular. I wouldn't be surprised if they found another spot nearby.

  2. Overall, I'm excited about it. Seems to me like we have a LOT of convenience stores in the vicinity of 14th and Irving. Wawa is the best of the bunch, so it should thrive (especially as a 24/7 dining option), but 7/11 is probably toast.

  3. Anyone know any updates on this wawa? I pass the location every day... doesn't look like they've made any progress in months. Doubt they'll be open by the fall as promised.


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