Monday, April 9, 2018

Bagel shop and deli Call Your Mother from Timber Pizza Co. coming to Alfie's/Tchoup's space aiming for summer

In January, we learned that the folks behind Timber Pizza Co. on Upshur were planning to open a Jewish-style deli called Call Your Mother in the space vacated by Tchoup's and Alfie's.

nd now WTOP reports that they're hoping to open in the summer. I walked by the other day and construction is underway.

They plan to have bagels made in a wood-fired oven that are a cross between New York and the denser, smaller and sweeter Montreal-style bagels. WTOP says they've been baking various test bagels for months to perfect them. They're calling them "New Montreal" bagels and jokingly call it "Jew-ish" as it's not all completely traditional.

We previously heard they'll have Jewish deli-inspired food like bagel sandwiches, latke fries and seared Matzoh ball soup. The nagel sandwiches may include egg, smoked salmon or smoked whitefish, and pastrami, egg and cheese. WTOP reports They also plan to have cream cheese made from scratch.

They also plan to have various themed dinners, like fried chicken, Peking duck, and a New York-style pizza night: "big pies, fried calamari, garlic knots — your stereotypical New York-style pizza dinner, but done really well," according to Timber's Andrew Dana. They plan to use the patio as well. Sounds like a nice spot for a morning bagel or lunch sandwich.

If you want to try their bagels in the meantime, they're available at the Dupont and Silver Spring farmers markets. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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