Monday, March 12, 2018

New rustic neighborhood bar and restaurant, Grady's, open at 14th and Florida

Another new bar and food option! The City Paper has a big piece about Grady's, a new spot at 2210 14th Street NW, which was formerly Dynasty Ethiopian. The CP describes it as "Taxidermy, chicken wings fried in waffle batter, and stiff drinks on 14th Street NW," which sounds pretty alright to me. The owners say they hope it's a go-to neighborhood bar and restaurant and also a place to celebrate.

The spot has a lot of funky decorations like old taxidermied moose and buffalo heads and other Wild West paraphernalia from the collection of a former mayor of Harrisburg, PA.

It specializes in traditional American food, like chicken wings (the aforementioned waffle batter ones), lamb burger, mussels and more. There's also beer, wine and cocktails, and the most expensive beer is $6.50, which I appreciate.

The drinks menu is run by Matthew Wilcox who previously worked at Mintwood Place, Tallula, and Le Diplomate, and the chef is Michael Hartzer, who worked at the fancy French spot Citronelle under Chef Michel Richard. And so far Yelpers love it.

The spot has three owners, John Jarecki, Greg Grammen and Mark Harris. Jarecki also owns Red's Table in Reston, and Grammen owns the nearby Palace Five and Federal clothing shops, just up 14th.  Palace Five, if you recall, is named for the former pro basketball team based in Columbia Heights, the Palace Five Laundrymen! No, really. Tat was their name.

They open at 4 pm and also plan to do brunch in the spring. 

Has anyone been so far? What did you think?

(Also, if you haven't been to Judy, the Salvadorian place next door, it's pretty great.)

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  1. Been there twice so far. The place has a great neighborhood vibe, a ski lodge feel, and very reasonably priced food and drink for DC. The staff is enthusiastic and friendly. My understanding is that they have a limited menu for now but will be expanding soon. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood!


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