Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kraken Axes planning to add Viking-themed beer garden to Georgia Avenue

Whoa. A friend recently checked out Kraken Axes, the axe throwing bar at 3400 Georgia Avenue NW: he said it was awesome, and more importantly, a staff member said they plan to add a Viking-themed beer garden to their big parking lot.

The news, also mentioned by a Yelp reviewer, means that Georgia and Morton is becoming a little beer garden zone: caddy-corner from Kraken is the Midlands beer garden.

I'm pretty excited for this. My friend also said the staff member said they didn't plan for Kraken to be a temporary, pop-up type place, but to remain there.

I wrote more about Kraken here: you reserve a spot for your group and toss axes. They also have food and a full bar.

I'll try to track down more details about the beer garden. Has anyone else been? How did you like it?

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