Friday, March 30, 2018

Best of Columbia Heights: best places to eat and drink outside

I'm starting a new series: the Best of Columbia Heights, where I'll write about my favorite spots in a theme. And now that good weather is finally here, let's start with the best places to eat and drink outside. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!

  • Wonderland: you can't go wrong with Wonderland's patio. You'll probably see somebody you know, or maybe a dog or two, and it's great for hanging out or eating. And the big tables mean you may make some new friends. 1101 Kenyon St NW.
  • Little Coco's: the Italian spot up on 14th from the El Chucho folks has a nice front patio. 3907 14th St NW.
  • Midlands: a beer garden! Can't argue with that. 3333 Georgia Av NW.
  • The Red Derby: not technically outside (it's sort of covered) the Derb's rooftop is a great spot. 3718 14th St NW.
  • Union Drinkery: if it's open, they have a big hidden back patio area, complete with an outdoor foosball table. You can get good grub from Sundevich too. 3216 Georgia Av NW.
  • Room 11: their patio is great for Sunday brunch or a cocktail or bite in the evening. 3234 11th St NW.
  • Red Rocks: pizza outside? I'm in. Also open for lunch during the week. 1036 Park Rd NW.
  • The Airedale: the European spot at 14th and Spring has a big back patio/beer garden, plus a front patio and balcony. 3605 14th St NW.
  • The Coupe: the diner, coffee shop and bar on 11th has a big patio that's good for the morning or evening. 3415 11th St NW.
  • Lou's City Bar and Bar Roubaix: these two Irving Street spots have lots of outdoor space in front. 1400 Irving St NW.
Honorable mention: Lyman's and Meridian Pint have smallish patios, but still good ones.

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